"Aishling is a brilliant Pilates teacher. I have been having 1:1 sessions, once a week, for around 4 months and the difference with my body is already visible and I can feel a massive change with my core muscles also. After every session I feel wonderfully stretched and feel as though Aishling has planned each class perfectly to what my body requires. I have used many teachers and attended lots of Pilates group lessons but Aishling is by far the best teacher I have had. She has so much knowledge, not only about Pilates but the way the body moves and works and this is clear with every session we have."


“I started going to Aishling's class after developing persistent lower back pain. She's brilliant! I don't get nearly as many problems now and if I do, I know how to ease them. Plus... the classes are fun and tailored to each person. I'd go every day if I could!”



“I was slightly apprehensive about doing Pilates as I had a stroke at the age of 22 which has left me with a weakness on the left hand side of my body.  However, I shouldn't have worried as Aishling put me at ease from the very first session and has tailored the exercises to my specific needs.  My overall strength has greatly improved and my posture has really improved too.  Before doing Pilates, I was sometimes in a lot of pain but this has gone completely and I'm really enjoying the Pilates sessions and I'm really happy with the progress that I have made.  

I would highly recommend Aishling.”



“I was advised to take up Pilates when I developed problems with my hips and back.  I was worried that exercises would make the problems worse, but Aishling proved to be a brilliant teacher.  In our one to one sessions she was unfailingly thoughtful, professional, considerate and kind.  She showed real understanding of my concerns and tailored a programme to

my specific needs, restoring my confidence in movement and exercise.  Her lessons were also great fun!

I have made a good recovery from a hip replacement and will always be grateful to Aishling for her help and support.  Pilates is now very much part of my life.”


“Aishling combines thorough professionalism and deep knowledge with genuine caring, friendliness, humour and huge charm.  Each member of the group is made to feel special and that the class is tailored solely for their particular needs. The resulting atmosphere engenders great camaraderie so that everybody progresses safely and soundly in a mutually supportive environment.  If you are looking for an excellent Pilates class that is also a highlight of your week, look no further.”


I have been seeing Aishling for about 3 years and she has done wonders for my grouchy lower back, painful hip (linked to the back) tight shoulders and my devloping slouch (joys of getting older!!!). I have very little pain now even after gardening or horse riding. My posture is 100% better and the exercises Aishling gives to relieve any 'tweaks' between sessions are fantastic.

I cannot rate Aishling's knowledge, skill and understanding of the human body highly enough.