Re-opening 12th April

Looking forward to welcoming you back!

One-to-one lessons

Private lessons are for those who would like individual attention. 

personal lesson plan will be designed considering your needs & goals. These lessons use all the original Pilates equipment in a fully-equipped Pilates studio in Harpenden.


Appointments are available Monday - Friday.

I have been seeing Aishling for about 3 years and she has done wonders for my grouchy lower back, painful hip (linked to the back) tight shoulders and my devloping slouch (joys of getting older!!!). I have very little pain now even after gardening or horse riding. My posture is 100% better and the exercises Aishling gives to relieve any 'tweaks' between sessions are fantastic. I cannot rate Aishling's knowledge, skill and understanding of the human body highly enough.


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