I have been seeing Aishling for about 3 years and she has done wonders for my grouchy lower back, painful hip (linked to the back) tight shoulders and my devloping slouch (joys of getting older!!!). I have very little pain now even after gardening or horse riding. My posture is 100% better and the exercises Aishling gives to relieve any 'tweaks' between sessions are fantastic.

I cannot rate Aishling's knowledge, skill and understanding of the human body highly enough.


One to one lessons, are tailored specifically for your needs. The aim of the lessons are to help you reach your goals. Whether this be sport related, or simply walking up the stairs.  The equipment is off the floor, which means if getting down onto the floor is a worry for you, thankfully you don't have to. Pilates is suitable for everyone!


These sessions utilities all the Pilates equipment, Reformer, Ladder Barrel, Chair, Trapeze Table, and Spine Corrector.

You will also be given mat based exercises to practice at home.

Appointments are available Monday - Friday.