Re-opening  12th April 2021! 

Welcome to Pilates Moves Harpenden 

At present, all classes are online using a video platform called Zoom. If you are interested in joining an online class or booking a private online session, please visit the Contact page of my website.

I am a Movement Teacher. I am interested in understanding how the human body moves naturally, breathes and stabilises. I am also interested in how to teach that, how to get the message across and really change the way people use their bodies. In my movement teaching I use a mixture of Pilates and the Franklin Method.

Aishling is an accredited Pilates Foundation UK Matwork Teacher and a Polestar Pilates accredited Studio Teacher.

Harpenden Studio:

One to one lessons are taught in a fully-equipped studio which includes; Reformer, Chair, Ladder Barrel and Trapeze Table/Cadillic.

Harpenden Trust Hall, Southdown:

A wonderful large and airy space for mat classes. 

I started going to Aishling's class after developing persistent lower back pain. She's brilliant! I don't get nearly as many problems now and if I do, I know how to ease them. Plus the classes are fun and tailored to each person.
I'd go every day if I could!


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